Welcome to Supernova!

Visit us in the city of steel and flowers

Supernova Mercator Jesenice is located in the heart of the Gorenjska region at Spodnji Plavž 5, 4270 Jesenice. A place of great shopping in the embrace of the Julian Alps will provide an amazing shopping experience. You can visit 15 different stores, which make up a wide range of products and services. Park in front of the mall and let the shopping begin! Parking is free for 3 hours.

A great shopping experience is already waiting for you!

Public transport

Take the bus ride to Supernova Mercator Jesenice.

Supernova Mercator Jesenice Shopping Center is easliy accessible via public transport. The bus takes you to the Jesenice Hospital stop, where you get off. Supernova Mercaror Jesenice is then only a 6-minute walk away, or 550m.

An amazing shopping experience awaits you  at the end of the road!


Wallet friendly shopping mall

Yu can also perform fast banking services at an ATM while still shopping at Supernove Mercator Jesenice.

For super shopping experiance!



Baby Room

Family friendly centre

Next to the toilets you’ll find our changing room where you can take care of your youngest ones. Here you can feed your baby in peace or change dirty diapers. We ensure a pleasant shopping experience by creating family-friendly spaces.

A comfortable space for you and your baby.

Postal services

The mailbox is already hungry for your letters and packages

Want to send a love letter, gift package, confidential letter, payment slip or business letter? With the convenient mailbox at Supernova Mercator Jesenice, nothing could be easier!

Send anything—fast, anytime, anywhere!